Monday, February 11, 2013

new Sally Shapiro music video 'Starman'

Edwin Brienen’s “Starman” is a music video for Sally Shapiro’s single with the same name, as well as a short film about queer identity.

“Starman” is a day in the life of Tumulto (Riccardo Borgosano), an eccentric queer boy who believes that ‘normality is deadness’. Together with his cute, little dog named Clash, he walks the Berlin streets and has different encounters with a freaky, admiring art-couple (Eva Dorrepaal and Edwin Brienen), an angry girl (Kitty Granzow) and a couple of avantgardish new wave dancers. Tumulto eventually becomes the object of desire of a gay hairdresser, who gives everything to conquer our charming queer boy’s heart…

The video was inspired by Riccardo Borgosano’s art-project “Take the Street”. Borgosano’s alter-ego Tumulto marches down city-sidewalks dressed in a tutu and captures the reactions of a mostly confused audience.