Tuesday, January 29, 2013

date set for German premiere 'Exploitaion'

'Exploitation' will have a German cinema premiere on Thursday, February 21st. The film celebrated its world premiere at the critically acclaimed Lausanne Music and Film Festival, October last year.

According to LUFF, 'this Gothic-Noir satiric fresco transports us into the superficial world of the film industry: a business without mercy, that only seeks to copy itself without taking any risks. Very auto-reflexive, hilarious at moments, and very dark at others, the film does not hide its preoccupation with a society numbed by its own clichess that it exploits endlessly. Clairvoyant, provoking, and esthetically very interesting, the film is calmer and more easily accessible to a non-initiated public than its predecessors'.

Leading roles for Eva Dorrepaal and Tomas Sinclair Spencer, together with Anna Fin, Jaron Löwenberg, Edwin Brienen, Roger Baptist, Grace Ryan and Noblesse Oblige's Valerie & Sebastian.

A trailer of the film appeared online today: