Monday, January 9, 2012


First of all, let’s rock 2012 ! We’re in the middle of post-production for a new feature film “Exploitation”, expected release April/May.

Eva (played by Eva Dorrepaal) has been called in for an audition. The atmosphere is kind of intimidating: the (masked) director (played by Tomas Spencer) dominates and humiliates Eva, forces her into prostitution to raise money for an upcoming film project. Once Eva’s individuality and emotions have been eliminated, we get into a shady world of occultists and devil worshippers.

Here, “Exploitation” uses the so-called ‘mise en abyme’ principle and shows a fictitious film in the film, called “Apocalypse, Part 3”: a breathtaking ‘Abendland’ of dreamy pictures (Eva in white doctor’s coat, almost disappearing in the white snow landscapes of Polish’ Krakow) and nightmarish visions. It’s all there: baphomets, paganism, bizarre costumes. Especially some old-time obsessions of mine are highly celebrated here: the esthetics of Death in June, the works of painter Arnold Böcklin, or Aleister Crowley’s Thelema spirituality.

Exploitation, 2012. Starring Eva Dorrepaal, Sebastian Suba, Tomas Spencer, Jaron Löwenberg, Anna Fin, Edwin Brienen, Noblesse Oblige and many others. Dutch electro label Enfant Terrible is going to release a soundtrack of the film on double LP, featuring artists such as SaraLunden, Europ Europ and Oplen. Now is that something to look forward to!