Thursday, September 9, 2010

Revision - Apocalypse II

Revision - Apocalypse II, written for the screen by Edwin Brienen, is set for a Dutch Film Festival premiere, September 24th.

This is what the festival has to say about the film:

Demonic possesion? Check. Gratuitous violence? Check. Pointless nudity? Double check. Still, despite the lavish application of beloved horror clichés, Revision - Apocalypse II simply defies categorization. Writer/producer/director Edwin Brienen feels comfortably at home on the avant-garde fringe as he intermingles blood spatters with dislocating camera angles and philosophical pontification. In a godless society, where globalism and terrorism fuel one another, former model, Traci (Eva Dorrepaal, a Brienen stalwart who functions here also as co-producer) steadily loses her grip on reality. Her husband convinces her that the spiritual emptiness she feels can be alleviated by committing a murder. Traci’s psychological Hell is pregnant with meaning and symbolism: a copulating Christ being the blasphemous highpoint. Unsuspecting viewers may be persuaded that Judgment Day is at hand when they see Traci’s inner demon, Vince Destructo (Jacob Dove Basker) perform the trash-punk-metal music of Vincent Koreman in several vignettes.

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