Monday, September 27, 2010

Terrible Music about Revision

Re:vision - Apocalypse II by Edwin Brienen

New film by Dutch independent filmmaker Edwin Brienen. As always with Brienen films this film is made with about no budget. It shows but it also means it has charm. Also it is the style of Brienen. At the first screening he complained about the VHS quality due to the equipment at the theatre, but I liked it that the film had this lo-fi and real low budget flair.

Anyway the film is about the end… that is why the subtitle is Apocalypse… the two is there as it not only about the Biblical end… the film is telling the story on two levels. One a contemporary political Armageddon (this is the two I guess), the other is the traditional one as we know from the Book Of Revelations. The political one is displayed in the realistic and raw style of Brienen. You know the dril… sex and violence as it dominates our daily lives… brought to life through the persons in the film.

For the Biblical part Brienen has choosen a more surrealistic way of telling the story. You get shots in between the regular scenes of a magician, a singing bartender and some ultra lo-fi black and white big pixel shots like dream sequences.
In general I like the film but the surrealistic part was very Lynch like feeling for me. On the other hand the realistic part had some dialogues I did not like… it was a bit too easy for my… I mean we all know about the New World Order, George W. Bush and 9-11 about now… the theme could have been dealt with in a less obvious way.

Still the way of telling the story I liked a lot. The fragmented story line, the mood and feeling and truly outstanding is the editing on the music. You can see Brienen has been doing videoclips too. Vincent Koreman (RA-X, Travoltas and Speedboat FC to just name a few of his projects) is responsible for most of the music. In this case with his trash metal project The House Of Destructo. Due to fact that the songs throughout the film are mostly sung by the bartender (also the devil?) you can also watch Revision – Apocalypse II as a musical.

And, from this point of view the film is the most successful and interesting. The surrealism is most effective if these song sequences are seen as the main storyline. Next to that I would consider the film the most original if seen as a trash metal musical on the end of the world theme. Much more original then as I would consider this film a normal feature film. Style and content make the most sense from the musical perspective.

The film is screened at the Dutch Film Festival In Utrecht (september 2010) for the first time. It should be out on DVD later...

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Premiere evening

At the premiere of Revision, together with Monica Resowidjojo.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Revision - clip

Dutch Film Festival

Revision – Apocalypse II, the latest film from Edwin Brienen, enjoys its world premiere during the 30th edition Netherlands Film Festival in Utrecht.

The film, starring Eva Dorrepaal, Clayton Nemrow and Jacob Dove Basker, is set in a futuristic world where terrorist attacks rule daily life, forced chip implantation is commonplace and government control is routinely exerted through manipulation of the media.

Traci (Eva Dorrepaal), a former model, feels lost and confused. Whereas she once believed in God, she now tries desperately to fill the void caused by her lack of faith. Her husband, Charlie (Clayton Nemrow), persuades her to surrender to the ultimate act of evil. Soon, however, reality and fantasy become intertwined in an indecipherable web of hallucination and mental chaos. Haunted by her own inner demon, Vince Destructo (Jacob Dove Basker), Traci spirals headlong toward madness. The demon, Destructo, appears to Tracy predominantly in musical form. The accompanying songs were taken of The House Of Destructo’s second album Everything Must Be Destroyed, a musical project from Vincent Koreman who also provided the additional score.

Revision - Apocalypse II will have its official premiere on Friday, September 24th at 20:00 hrs with Edwin Brienen in attendance (Movies 1 in Utrecht). A second screening will take place on September 27th at 22:15 hrs. For reservations and a full program, please visit:

The film will also be available as part of Video Library series presented by Holland Film Meeting/Benelux Screenings.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Revision - Apocalypse II

Revision - Apocalypse II, written for the screen by Edwin Brienen, is set for a Dutch Film Festival premiere, September 24th.

This is what the festival has to say about the film:

Demonic possesion? Check. Gratuitous violence? Check. Pointless nudity? Double check. Still, despite the lavish application of beloved horror clichés, Revision - Apocalypse II simply defies categorization. Writer/producer/director Edwin Brienen feels comfortably at home on the avant-garde fringe as he intermingles blood spatters with dislocating camera angles and philosophical pontification. In a godless society, where globalism and terrorism fuel one another, former model, Traci (Eva Dorrepaal, a Brienen stalwart who functions here also as co-producer) steadily loses her grip on reality. Her husband convinces her that the spiritual emptiness she feels can be alleviated by committing a murder. Traci’s psychological Hell is pregnant with meaning and symbolism: a copulating Christ being the blasphemous highpoint. Unsuspecting viewers may be persuaded that Judgment Day is at hand when they see Traci’s inner demon, Vince Destructo (Jacob Dove Basker) perform the trash-punk-metal music of Vincent Koreman in several vignettes.

For more informaton, reservations etc., please visit the Dutch Film Festival's official site:

Friday, September 3, 2010

Cameron Exposition

Richard Cameron's Early Works - paintings of people I know

Exposition at the Chiellerie Gallery, Raamgracht 58, Amsterdam
September 3-9

Edwin Brienen
by Richard Cameron