Monday, December 30, 2013

Soiled Sinema review Ulli

"Why Ulli Wanted to Kill Himself on Christmas Eve is the perfect cinematic Xmas feast for both anti-Santa-ists and subversive cinemaphiles alike".

American Soiled Sinema reviews Brienen's 2005 Christmas Comedy!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Flyer 'Warum Ulli...' - screenings Berlin 9-15 December

Berlin-Film-Katalog created a flyer (PDF file) to promote this month's screenings of Warum Ulli sich am Weihnachtsabend umbringen wollte. A special re-release premiere (introduced by film critic Jan Gympel) takes place on Monday, December 9th, 19:30 Hrs at Brotfabrik Kino, Berlin. From 12 December on, the film will be showned daily at 22:00 Hrs.

You can download the original PDF file here:

Friday, November 29, 2013

Cinema re-release 'Ulli' for christmas

December sees the re-release of Edwin Brienen’s one-time christmas comedy Why Ulli Wanted to Kill Himself on Christmas Eve. Shot in a record time of just 13 days, the film did hit German theatres about two months after its pre-production status.

October 2005. Brienen, who just filmed Last Performance during the summer of that year, had the insane plan to produce (shooting, editing, post-production) a feature film in just three ‘til four weeks. He involved an ensemble of actors (lots of new ‘family members’ here such as Laura Tonke and Hendrik Arnst, next to the familiar faces of Brienen starlets Esther Verkaaik and Eva Dorrepaal), and December 15th, Ulli celebrated its premiere in eight German theatres countrywide.

The film received raving critics from the German press: “Small pearls of tragicomic characterizations, concerning lack of relationships and the inability of them” (tip Magazine), “a modern update of Fassbinder” (zitty), “wonderfully poetic” (Cinerama) or “one of the most entertaining German films since years” (Neue Szene). 

Thanks to an initiative by Berlin-Film-Katalog, this black comedy is now back in a director’s cut at Berlin’s Brotfabrik Kino. December 9th at 19.30 hrs, film critic Jan Gympel will introduce the new version to an audience, in the presence of Edwin Brienen. For other screening dates (the whole week and after), check out the website of Brotfabrik: 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

50 Years of Tape

Staalzine, the online magazine of independent record label Staalplaat, published an article called Fifty Years of Tape: cassettes and their memories, a collage of stories and pictures. 50 people were asked to send in their all-time favorite cassette tape and a short motivation. Edwin dug through shelves and boxes and finally found his adolescent soundtrack of '89:

The whole article can be seen here:

Monday, October 28, 2013 article published a nice article about Edwin Brienen, I-f and the Dutch electro underground.

25 jaar dance: 1998 en I-F’s Fucking Consumer

I-F artikel plaatjeHet is dit jaar 25 jaar geleden dat dance zijn intrede deed in Nederland. Eclectro gaat daarom alle jaren af en bespreekt de rest van 2013 elke week een roemruchte gebeurtenis. Deze week: Edwin Brienen, I-F en de Nederlandse electro underground.
Read the whole article here (Dutch only):